The Most Important Voting Bloc

The people who stand to lose the most by not voting—don’t vote. Those in the bottom, say, 20% of income. To restore some semblance of the democracy we’re supposed to have, they must vote.

Many of these people did not graduate from high school, or went no further. This is the bracket of people whose income is lower now than it was in 1970. They don’t believe they could have any effect on the outcome of an election, but they are absolutely wrong. They are the most important bloc in this election.

These are the people who are the most screwed over by the ones who have arranged government to suit themselves, by purchasing the loyalties of congresspersons with hundreds of millions in campaign funds. By devoting two lobbyists for each congressperson and millions every day to persuade their purchased agents in Congress to vote as they wish. To vote for yet another obscure tax break that benefits only the very rich.

If the country is ever to regain some semblance of democracy and equality of opportunity, we must end this dominance by the very rich, and build a more equitable economy.

This should be easy. We outnumber them about 3,000 to one. But there are problems. The easiest one to understand is that the poor don’t vote. If they voted, their combined numbers would make their own suppression and ours much less likely.

The next problem is that Republicans, whose policies have gone off the deep end in recent years, espouse positions that are virtually devoid of reality and truth, but may sound convincing to those who don’t consider them too carefully. The most hurtful of these has been the old fable of the tax break for the rich that makes everybody better off. It doesn’t, of course. Never has.

Another Republican goal is to prevent the vote. They’ve used all sorts of evil ways to prevent poor people from voting. They know that Republicans have nothing to offer, so the poor would vote for Democrats.

It wouldn’t hurt if the poor also learned that they will be the ones fighting and dying in all the wars rich Republicans want to start, but whose children and grandchildren will be excused from the carnage because they are rich.

Republicans have gotten very good with their lies and distortions, and many of those who don’t check too closely simply accept their fabrications, and never see the independent figures that prove them wrong.

This is complicated by the recent collection of unqualified nut cases who want to be president, each one of whom has espoused positions that are anti-democratic, hateful, do not compute, or are outright lies. They are very vocal about being against the poor, against immigrants, against Muslims, against Mexicans, against refugees…against everything that the US stands for. They are the ones who believe people choose to be poor, so they can loaf and become rich on government welfare. Rich. On government welfare. Right.

But suppose all those who were most downtrodden were enlisted in the effort to make all our lives better, by showing them what is true. By making them realize their collective power to improve their own lives. By pointing out which of their congressional representatives voted against their interests, which ones are owned by the rich, which ones should be drummed out of office in favor of a person with some intelligence.

If that happened, democracy and equality would have a chance. That’s why there are two things to overcome: getting the poor to vote at all, and getting them educated about what is in their own interests.


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