Mr. Republican Guy, You’ve Been Had

Guess what, everything they told you about why you should vote Republican is lies.

Here’s what they said: The unimpeded free market serves everyone best. Making the rich richer causes wealth to trickle down to you. The best government is least government.

Want to know why they hope you believe these things? It’s because these beliefs make them richer. Not you, them. Let’s consider them one at a time.

There’s no such thing as the “free market”, because the market always favors those with the most money. And how do they get their money? They get it by holding their business costs as low as possible. That’s why they think there’s no need for a minimum wage, and why they hire people as “independent contractors” with no bennies. It was the “free market” that allowed them to ship jobs overseas. It made them rich. What did it do for you?

They don’t want rules, such as air or water quality rules, because it costs money to protect the air and water from pollution. Would it be OK by you if they put a chemical factory down the street from you? If your water looked like what comes out of the faucet in Flint?

Trickle down. Ha ha. How much money has trickled down to you? The answer is none, not in 35 years. Productivity has doubled, the rich are almost three times as rich, and your money is the same—or less.

Republicans want to basically do away with most government. Why? Because government agencies cost tax money. The rich don’t use these agencies, and they want to keep that money for themselves. That’s why they arrange all those tax breaks for the rich. If rich people need something they just buy it. They can easily afford to pay $200,000 cash for a medical treatment. If you get cancer and don’t have good insurance, where are you going to get the $200,000 to treat it?

Government agencies protect you; shutting down government agencies hurts you. You’d have dirty water and air. You would have no Medicare. No Social Security. The highways would break down. Need I go on?

The Republican Party has always been slanted toward the rich, but back in the 1950s or so it was party policy to protect your interests. Today the very rich have secret meetings several times a year to decide how to control everything Republicans in Congress do. They spend hundreds of millions to lie to you about it. Hundreds of millions.

Check it out. Every year Republicans complain about high taxes, even though our taxes are actually low compared to other advanced nations. Every election they try to shut down all the agencies that protect you: Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare, environmental protection, education—all of them.

They have screwed us by taking away the government’s right to bargain for the best drug prices. They protect the insurance industry by opposing national health care, because that would cut our cost in half, and they wouldn’t get the other half. They want to make schools private, because then they can get the profit they can’t get from public schools.

Your most important protector is the federal government, but rich Republicans don’t want you to know that. They want no government, because not having to pay taxes makes them even richer—and you poorer. Millions are protected by Obamacare, by environmental rules, by banking rules, by Social Security, and so on. They want all that to go away and leave you naked and unprotected.

Your power can’t come from having billions of dollars. Your power can only be the power of numbers. That’s why they don’t like unions. Unions give you strength you don’t have by yourself.

The Republican Party is the party of billionaires. If you don’t have billions, maybe it shouldn’t be your party. 


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  1. I can’t understand why so many people vote against their best interest

    But fear and misdirection keep working wonders, blame the people with the different colored skin, not the rich folks that sent your job overseas for a few bucks

    Great analysis as always – thanks – passing on to some friends


    • Well, they do spend boodles to convince them.


      • Quite true – but it does not take much to figure things out – I figure that if I can figure this junk out then most folks should be able to – just takes a few graphs to see the divergence between rises in productivity and the flat income for what used to be the middle class


  2. PS – I started waking up early in the RayGun admin – when he lowered taxes then raised them back up – “we all need to share in the burden” sounded nice to me –

    Then I looked at what taxes went up (mine in the not all that well off group) and which taxes did not go up (the rich folks – surprise surprise)

    Made me think a bit and started moving away from the RepubliCON’s and their bad news stuff and dump on the working folks


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