Ironies of Jihad and Us (2 of 3)

We in the US, like Muslim radicals, also commit violence against innocents, if less organized and less lethal. Armed hotheads and fools among us burn and desecrate Mosques, Synagogues, and black churches, and threaten and sometimes commit violence against ordinary Syrian and other refugees. These refugees are people who have already undergone a two-year vetting process before being admitted to the US. The irony here is that these peace-loving refugees are fleeing the same terrorists the American hotheads claim to hate.

There is even further irony. A few of the children of these good families experience enough nastiness at the hands of Americans who hate them for nothing more than being Muslim that they become self-radicalized. They begin watching online jihadist videos of radical imams, and turn to things like buying assault weapons and learning how to build bombs. They are deemed suspicious because they are Muslims. Angered, they become even more Muslim, wearing robes and growing long beards, spending a lot of time at the Mosque, praying five times a day, and watching the videos. This does nothing good for ordinary American Muslims, who have been part of the population as long as we’ve been a country.

We, Republicans in particular, seem to think that peace can always be achieved if we drop enough bombs and invade with our army. GOP presidential candidates call for carpet bombing of Syria. They apparently don’t realize that the reason we can’t accept the most common-sense definition of terrorism—purposeful killing of non-combatant innocents—is because of our carpet bombing of civilians in WWII and Vietnam. That is, the carpet bombing we did in both instances was terrorism, but our justifications don’t allow us to call it that. Also, ever hear of the village of My Lai, Vietnam? It was one of many where everyone was killed by US forces. Obama’s forces, say what you want about his warring ways, are at least seriously trying to avoid the killing of civilians with drones, not always successfully.

This is not to excuse Islam of its faults, and particularly for the several violent military-religious regimes, militaries and police agencies that go around beating up people, and especially the Daesh, or IS. These various nasty groups consist of men who profess one fundamentalist style of Islam or another, and use their belief as a cudgel to beat up or kill anyone who doesn’t measure up to their standards. IS has captured large numbers of military Muslims from the “wrong” branch of Islam and killed hundreds of them at a time. They kill accused homosexuals by throwing them off of tall buildings. They make sexual slaves of the various women who make their way to the “promised land” to help bring about the ideal world, turning the ones who refuse to marry a jihadi into modern “comfort women”, who are raped many times a day.

The primary difficulty within Islam itself, as I see it, is their treatment of women, or really, females, which leaves much of the Muslim world backward, semi-barbaric, and wasting half of their human talent. Females from birth are considered inferior to males in all ways. This is common all over the world, maybe because women are on average smaller than men, but it is particularly pronounced in Muslim lands. Males are raised to believe this from the first, and are taught that they must “protect” the females in their family at all costs. Such protection results in infantizing all females and isolating them from the normal social life that characterizes the rest of the world.

Crime against women is not exactly nonexistent in the West, but the Islamic world not only assumes that all men would rape and kill women if they could, but they invent crimes against women for which they blame the female victims.

Being raped is the most common female capital crime.

What they really mean by this protection racket is preserving female (but not male) virginity, which results in complete isolation of women from contact with the opposite sex. Even something stupid like accidentally being in a place where a non-family male glimpsed a daughter briefly has at times resulted in a male member of the family murdering the daughter to “protect family honor”. What a monstrosity! How many of us could murder our own sister, particularly over something personally traumatic over which she had no control? However, many young women do like the idea of being protected by their family, so it’s more complicated than we are inclined to think.


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