Ways to Enable the Absolutely Essential Republican Reformation

The Grand Old Party is a catastrophic mess. Republicans are more faithful to their party than they are to the country. If it is to once again become a worthy opponent to the Democratic Party, real Republicans must begin at once to take charge and formulate ways the party can shed its current disgraceful reputation.

First, the Republican attitude must change from totally negative to a positive one. What they are for, not what they are against.

Most Republican efforts have been extremely negative for at least the past eight years, in denying debate on proposed new laws, in denying to confirm a large number of proposed government leadership positions (including the Supreme Court), in making ugly and inappropriate statements about President Obama that are not befitting the dignity of the presidency, and so on.

Basically, Republicans have refused to do their constitutionally mandated duty. Worse, they have been petulant about it, like kids on the playground. There have been numerous instances of gross disrespect, not least was a shout of “You lie!” during a State of the Union address.

Cooperative lawmaking has intentionally disappeared. Republicans proved this when the president tried to elicit cooperation during his first term. The party adopted a literal policy of complete non-cooperation. If the GOP is to become relevant in coming years there will have to be a radical change in how it behaves.

Republicans will have to learn to truly respect all the people of the world.

Most of the world population consists of people who are not the descendants of pale northern Europeans. People of every description in every part of the world are just as capable of all the good and bad as white guys. Whites are no longer a majority in certain parts of the country already, and are a definite minority among school children nationwide. Nor is English ever going to be the only language in the country. In fact, Spanish has always been the dominant language of the southwest.

Quit passing unconstitutional laws that are designed to punish people for being who they are. Accept the given fact of the LGBT community, which consists of people whose natural sexuality cannot be assigned a handy Republican category. None of them ever chose to be who they are, nor did you, and who anybody is cannot be the basis for unequal treatment under the law. No, you can’t “convert” them into straights, any more than you yourself could be “converted” to gay.

Get out of the racism business. Reagan’s semi-disguised racism and current Republican raw racism have no place in the modern world. Republican state legislatures must quit completely their nouveau Jim Crow efforts to prevent poor people and Democrats from voting. Their gerrymanders and discriminatory requirements fool no one. They are not addressing voting fraud; they are perpetrating vote fraud.

Republicans must free themselves from control by the very rich.

Republicans have become puppets, and democracy suffers for it. The very rich have usurped the powers of the Republican Party, of both houses of Congress, and many statehouses as well. This has allowed them to dictate the content of legislature, which they structure to funnel money to themselves. In so doing they have created increasing misery for most of us, especially the poor. The GOP has aided and supported these efforts because it is the very rich who provide money for their re-election. Republicans who demonstrate ability to do their own thinking are threatened with election defeat by extremists from the far right, who expect strict obedience to policies that are stupid and wrong.

Face the fact that many of the talking points adopted since the time of Reagan are quite simply wrong. Tax cuts for the rich always result in a decrease in tax revenue and a worsening economy, yet Republicans never quit claiming they work. Recent state governments that have tried it, with disastrous results, are obvious examples.

Quit pretending that people are poor because they refuse to work. People are poor because they cannot earn enough money. Work for a living wage. Quit pretending that African-Americans are lazy and stupid, and prefer welfare to work. It’s a claim that began when slavery ended and blacks quit working for free. Concentrate instead on ending inequality of opportunity and requiring fair pay.

Quit telling us tales based on unsupportable falsehoods.

Recently a public figure proclaimed that Obama is the worst president we ever had. But of course he presented no evidence at all to support his claim. This is characteristics of such claims; they are empty rhetoric, absent factuality. Republicans must quit making claims they cannot substantiate.

Base what you claim on real facts. The Obama years have been marred by endless Republican false claims that are contradicted by the hard facts. For example, after six years of solid success with Obamacare, many Republicans are still claiming that it’s a complete failure that will cost us billions. This is stupid. Anyone can look up these figures at the Congressional Budget Office. The people who benefit from Obamacare have no such illusions; nor do studies support such claims.

The country has work to do, and Republicans are needed to help do it.


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