Quit the Country Club

Donald Trump is such an awful choice for a presidential nominee that there is a real danger that lazy Democrats will stay home and help bring about the international nightmare of a Trump presidency, something not even Republicans want.

If this is not to happen, there are a few very important things Democrats must do to regain the title of the people’s party. To begin with, they must stop acting like country club multi-millionaires and limousine liberals, and this applies to every Democrat in Congress, but especially to Hillary.

Democrats have fallen into the wealth trap, and Hillary’s not the only one. When even a local election campaign costs millions, it is all too easy to warm up to those who have millions to contribute. This automatically makes them beholden to those millionaires, and forgetful of their real constituency. As a consequence, Democrats in many cases are hardly different from Republicans.

Remember what the Pope rode coming in from the airport? He left the stretch limos standing at the curb and hopped into a common car. He’s the Pope of the people, and the people know it because of stuff like that. Bernie’s like that too. Remember Trump’s ironic made-in-China cap saying “Make America Great Again”. Bernie’s cap was made by union workers in the US. The workers at his events are union. Bernie stands up for real Americans.

If Hillary and all the other Dems want to send out the same message as the Pope and Bernie, they must forgo the $300 lunches. Forget the $15,000 wristwatches and $4,000 suits. These things piss people off, and the seething anger of screwed-over Americans who have lost so much over the past 40 years will not go away until the infinite greed of the very rich is checked. Democrats must tell the voters exactly what they will do to check it and exactly why voting for Trump would be bad.

Bernie has not fallen into the wealth trap. He has fought for ordinary people every day of his adult life. With a modest net worth of some half a million dollars, he knows what money means for people who don’t have much, and he knows why they don’t have much: the greedy rich. This is the lesson Democrats must take into the election season, and it will not be easy because so many of them have fallen into the money trap. Members of Congress are paid $175,000 a year, but, mysteriously, most of them become millionaires on that salary. If Democrats do not want to be seen as members of the ultra-rich class, indifferent to the concerns of the non-rich, they must quit making the pursuit of wealth part of their political goals. Bill and Hillary have over $100-million. This is a ridiculous sum that will make it very hard for Hillary to relate to ordinary people.

There are all sorts of photos of Bill and Hillary, alone and together, attending events with the world’s wealthy, chatting with multi-millionaires (including Trump). Photos of Bernie show him with sleeves rolled up among ordinary folks, often at huge rallies stretching blocks, to support causes important to them.

These are the kinds of concerns Hillary must prove she cares about, because these people are the ones who will not vote for her if she can’t. There is a very real danger she will be perceived as part of the rich establishment, not part of the people seen in Bernie’s photos. Some will not vote at all if they can’t vote for Bernie. If there are too many like this, Trump may win.

Followers of Trump are angry. They no longer perceive that they are the chosen ones, at the top of the pyramid because they are white. Like all authoritarians, Trump provides them with darker people to blame for their pseudo-loss: African-Americans, Latinos, Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, and so on. Getting even means punishing them somehow.

Trumpsters blame the wrong parties. These people with darker shades of skin don’t have the money they are somehow supposed to have taken from Trumpsters. Trumpsters also blame liberal Democrats, because, they are told by Trump and his ilk, liberals waste their money on those undesirable people they are supposed to hate, and on worthless government boondoggles such as welfare for them.

But the real enemy is greed, the limitless greed of the very rich, who now control Congress, the laws Congress makes, and the practices and regulations that feed their greed ever more. The corporate billionaires are the classical opponents of Democrats and the friends of Republicans. By hating the dark-skinned groups Trump says they should hate, non-wealthy Trump Republicans are being played for suckers.

Trump would make everything worse for them, but Democrats have to prove it. Hard to do with a net worth of a hundred million.


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  1. I came across a quote recently that goes along with the theme of your blog:
    “Transformation of society and its institutions from a lesser state to a greater depends on the evolution of its citizenry from lower to higher thought …..”.

    ‘Keep on keep’ on’


  2. Hillary Clinton is perceived as part of the rich establishment because she IS part of the rich establishment.


  3. I agree, but as the presumed nominee she would do well to pay a lot of attention to the concerns of the non-rich.


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