Your Vote: Plutocracy or Democracy

The most popular article at my site lately is this one. Apparently, more than a few people are aware of the enormous danger of the plutocracy we have allowed to develop in recent decades, a danger that’s particularly evident in this election. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and now Hillary Clinton are stressing it.

Those who have read Jane Mayer’s Dark Money, or any of several recent books that document our dangerous slide into government controlled by and for the very rich, understand that people like the Koch brothers have used their enormous wealth to subvert democracy for their own benefit.

Lest you think this is exaggeration, there are regular secret meetings of the very rich to plot this subversion, documented with great difficulty by Jane Mayer. They are held in secret places that nobody else can get into, without any public notice. No press, no liberals, no Democrats. They go so far as to set up outward-facing speakers that blast loud music so no one lurking in the nearby woods can overhear. Democrats have no such secret meetings, and the platform is there for everyone to see.

Here’s how the very rich launder money so that no one knows who contributes what: A non-profit agency is set up to take donations for “educational” purposes. No one even knows who is managing this agency. It collects tens of millions from very rich Republican donors. These agencies, like Caribbean banks that hide wealth, are little more than a PO Box, or maybe a rent-a-desk in some sparsely populated western state. Another “educational” non-profit is set up in another crossroads town; money from the first one is transferred to it, stripped of any identifying info. Other “educational” shadow companies also contribute. There may be a third, fourth, and fifth rent-a-desk, and other non-profits that similarly contribute. By then the money is mixed like paint. Presto, freshly laundered cash for controlling Congress, and nobody can tell whose money it is.

There is much more to Republican mendacity, including the several Republican state legislatures that are doing their best to abolish democracy. They gerrymander their districts so that the Democratic majority cannot win; they pass laws that make voting more difficult instead of less, designed to keep the poor and black Democratic voters away from ballot boxes; they cut the number of voting places, restrict the hours, and “lose” blank ballots on election day; they subscribe to the belief that anyone in another state who shares a name must be voting twice, and remove people from voting rolls by tens of thousands, often without telling them; they have been caught red-handed manipulating the votes in various ways on election day. The most serious consequence of their skullduggery is that they have made it very difficult to undo.

This is why Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the most important persons in the election. Clinton’s certain nomination has been ordained for a long time, but it is Bernie and Elizabeth who have told us in clear terms that our democracy is gone, and we must reclaim it from the plutocrats however we can. If we want to seize our democracy from the clutches of people with preposterous wealth who want to control it and us, we must listen to Bernie and Elizabeth, because they are the main ones telling us how to get back on track.


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  1. I’ve been an admirer or Sen.Warren for quite a while now and think she would make a great POTUS, but there is no way that Wall Street will allow that to happen; they’ll be able to work with Hillary Clnton, but not if she begs Sen Warren to run as VP; I think they’d prefer trump than a Clinton-Warren ticket but only until such time as they could rid the Oval Office of him.

    As for Bernie, he might have had a chance had he have been an Aussie trying for the Lodge; but though he speaks truly he cannot be allowed to sit in the Oval Office;the money wont allow it!

    Fat lot of good the American Civil War did! Almost time for another one .


  2. Most Aussie Politicians are in the millionaire bracket, particularly the right wing Liberal Party. We are a plutocracy as well, but I do think our voting system is way more democratic than the US.


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