Welcome to Our Violent Future

Many thanks to Donald Trump, who has made hate and violence acceptable once again. We’re once again just a step or two away from Saturday night lynching parties, and the outcome of the election is almost irrelevant in this regard.

The depth and breadth of the racism and hate that Trump summoned up and encouraged was shocking to many of us. We had hoped that things were better than a century ago.

As we all know now, Donald Trump has insulted and cheated practically everybody, and encouraged hate and violence against all kinds of people. I have no doubt he’d be able to find some venom that would be strong enough to make his followers consider violence directed at me, as he repeatedly suggested should be directed at the person of Hillary Clinton.

We watched and read about his gatherings, and saw how he approved of violence against anyone who wasn’t all-out pro-Trump. How he encouraged his crowds to hurt anyone he perceived as an enemy, how he even ridiculed disease. Trump has repeatedly told his hired goons to grab a protester roughly and throw him or her out, leaving marks on the victim in the process. Victims have included various people with darker skins, including Trump supporters, including news reporters covering his rallies, including people with incurable diseases he ridiculed, including various others who had quite legitimate reason for being there.

Because of Trump’s nonstop spouting of hatred, literally every hate group in the country has backed him. Nazi skinheads, Klanners, racists, haters of Jews, of immigrants, of African-Americans… Their newspapers have followed suit, officially backing him for president. The people who follow him have burned black churches, Jewish temples, and Muslim mosques. They have refused to allow construction of mosques. They have painted hate slogans on the sides of people’s houses, on their stores, on religious buildings. They have attacked and severely injured innocent people whose skin is even slightly darker than their own, anyone even slightly different from themselves. They have destroyed people’s property.

They have brandished firearms in all sorts of peaceful places. Shopping malls and supermarkets, city streets, with machine guns on their backs. They have threatened to show up at voting places to “protect the vote”. They have surrounded mosques carrying their guns. They have even threatened children, badly frightening them.

We would like to believe that these hatreds would simmer down after the election, but they won’t. Trump has made hate acceptable. He has encouraged it.

Trump and Republicans devoted most of their energies in the run-up to the election to demonizing Hillary Clinton. Without the first shred of evidence, Trump constantly referred to her as “crooked Hillary”, and Republicans have for decades tried to prove it. There isn’t the slightest reason to suspect Hillary Clinton of any sort of crime.

Republicans devoted many millions of tax dollars and whole decades to searching for evidence —any evidence—that she did something illegal. In their many investigations, in their several summonses to testify under oath for many hours about their imagined transgressions, they were completely unsuccessful.

They discovered that she had used a private email server, and devoted month after month trying to find something punishable. They lambasted her for deleted emails, but ignored the 22-million emails of obvious importance deleted by the Bush administration. The FBI worked tirelessly to find something crooked that “crooked Hillary” did—with no success. Even the last-minute discovery that a computer belonging to Clinton’s staff person, Huma Abedin, disgraced Anthony Weiner’s estranged wife, failed to produce anything. A quarter century of effort found nothing and wasted many millions of our tax dollars.

But all this was nothing compared to the fantasy tales the Trump rumor mill generated: that Hillary murdered about one person a month, beginning with Vince Foster during Bill Clinton’s administration, with many additional and equally fantastic tales. Is there nothing too ridiculous for them to claim?

The damage that Trump and Republicans did will not end with the election, because Trump has shown his followers by example that they are free to do whatever they wish to anyone who doesn’t agree with them. And so the violent, racist gun nuts will feel free to shoot at people, and Trump will claim no responsibility.

Ordinary people will be potential targets. Demonized Spanish speakers whose ancestors were here long before statehood will be targets. Anyone vaguely Middle Eastern will be targets, including Indian-Americans, and anyone who wears head coverings that aren’t baseball hats. Their places of worship will be bombed and burned, hateful slogans painted on them. Because of Trump, all that is OK now—but of course Trump is not responsible.

How did we get this way?

Republican legislators consist almost exclusively of older white males who believe they are the true rulers of the nation. But they are not. The cultural composition of the country is changing rapidly, and will very soon depose them from their majority status. They also believe they should be the ones who determine what women can and cannot do, including all matters that have to do with reproduction and women’s bodies, in spite of their proven gross ignorance on such matters. Likewise, they believe that people with skin darker than theirs are automatically lazy and criminal. The same people who will shortly outnumber them.

Republicans spent the entire eight Obama years dedicated entirely and exclusively to opposing everything Obama and/or Democrats proposed. They failed to perform the duties for which they were elected, creating a dysfunctional Congress that has cost us all dearly. If they continue this plan under the incoming president, they may fatally injure their own party, if that hasn’t already happened. Worse, their failure may fatally weaken our democracy.

If Republicans don’t decide to act for the benefit of the people, then the people who have failed to benefit from the eight years of improved economy under Obama will become increasingly violent. Since Trump has already given them permission to commit violent acts, the entire country could fall into a downward spiral, regardless of who the president is.


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  1. There will be huge numbers of Australians glued to all the free-to-air TV channels watching tomorrow’s election in a country far far away. Why? Because many are frightened that there but for the Grace..etc and others because they are gaining support for their own hate.
    But we are fortunate that our Head of state is a cardboard cut-out that can do us no harm.


    • Hardly think the Queen of England and colonies (of which we appear to still be) would approve of being a cardboard cut-out. General Cosgrove I fully suspect to be, he has lost all my respect after taking that inane knighthood. And Malcolm Turnbull who certainly likes to think he is certainly is. but the Queen? Never!


      • My Dear Lord Beari, Far be it for me to make disparaging remarks such as you imply. My point was to distance our Head of State from the American situation. You have stirred me to write a piece on the benefit of a non-elected HofS. And I also tender my apologies for any offence given to HRM..


      • Bugger me dead, yer’ve dun it again she ain’t HRH she’s Yer Maj!


      • I stan correk, Ted

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I really don’t know what to say. I’m Canadian, so when this whole fiasco began, I’m ashamed to say I paid little attention to how loudly the media tried to perpetuate it into our faces every day and it became less political and more a laughing matter. At this point, reading countless American bloggers’ very real fears, I really don’t know what to say except feel terrible for the repercussions of the election.


  3. I have a nasty nagging suspicion that trump might just become the next POTUS, Christ help us if he does? (That’s blasphemy on my part,
    my being an atheist and the holy rollers can grab their rifles and come after me if they wish,) but to say the situationin the USA is frightening is making light of the matter!


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