We Don’t Have a Choice

I’ll check my Constitution again, but I don’t believe any of the things Republicans are promoting these days are part of it.

Free speech is protected, but I don’t see anything about hate being a right protected by the Constitution. Yet the recent election has established hate as a foundational principle of the Republican party. It has become acceptable, even required, to hate whole classes of people—gays, the poor, blacks, Jews, the disabled, liberals, refugees, Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims—all of whom were persistently badmouthed by Donald Trump. This earned him the endorsement of every hate group in the country, the KKK, the skinhead Nazis, the southern racists—all of them are now mainstream. None of them represent any part of the American ideal.

Some of the most virulent right wing haters are in fact becoming members of the White House personnel, entrusted with protection of the rights embedded in our foundational documents. People who have coined new terms of hate, and used them until they became common coin for the hating right.

It’s so easy to be tolerant. You don’t have to like everyone. In fact, I suspect there aren’t many people who can truthfully say they like everyone. But all you have to do to be tolerant is not hurt anyone, in any way. Just leave them alone.

But haters can’t even do that. Hate groups want to kill or injure people. Government haters want to make laws that hurt people for being who they are.

As everyone except the right is painfully aware of, the United States is entering a period we might not survive, because of people who look for those to hate. Those of us who are not haters have no choice. If the noble ideals of the American democracy are to survive at all, we must somehow defeat the forces of hatred.

Not an easy task, because, no matter how much we deplore the viciousness of the rampant hatreds that have begun to define us as a country, it is hate we want to defeat, not our brothers and sisters, no matter how far astray they have gone.

As I and many others pointed out during the campaigning, the people who fell for Trump’s incessant lies did have some legitimate gripes. Likewise, sprinkled here and there among Trump’s endless lies were some reasonable goals. Those of us on the left must accept the legitimate complaints, and work to address them. It should be enough to point out that Republican plans simply will not work, and in fact will make them worse. But it won’t, because they don’t want to solve problems. They want to punish people for being who they are.

The biggest failure among Trumpsters was believing that Trump was their champion. He said he was for the working class, but he doesn’t give a damn about those who work for a living, which we can tell by he way he shafts his employees at every opportunity. Trump is a billionaire, and his interests are the interests of the rich.

As a rich Republican he will grant favors to the rich that will make them even richer, and all the rest of us poorer. He will want to do away with as much government as he can, because rules and laws tend to help the rest of us.

One of his first goals is to end Obamacare and Medicare. That will leave many millions without health care. Every person with a serious medical condition, like cancer or a heart condition, will simply die. There is no way they can find the money to treat their condition or even to buy insurance.


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  1. sad but true – also Trump is a hypocrite – when people demonstrate for him and bash people he is all for that – if someone peacefully demonstrates against him, he gets all upset and calls for them to be deported or put in prison – going to be a tough time

    please keep speaking up


  2. You have painted a bleak picture. Will America survive? Of course it will, but the pain of the next few years will hurt many people before the ‘True’ America awakens and sees what has happened. It will be a painful and costly rebirth.


  3. Maybe America will survive, maybe not. It depends on how well we can thwart Trump’s plans and hold on to tolerance and justice.


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