OK, Fellow Libtards, What’s Next

For two reasons, that Great American president-elect might not quite make it to the White House.

First, there are so many anomalies in this election that the election itself stands a chance of being nullified.

As the official count nears completion, Hillary Clinton leads the popular vote by 1.7 million votes. Now, Electoral College personnel are not compelled to vote as their state dictates, and could theoretically elect HRC. The need for this escape was foreseen by Alexander Hamilton, and is not something Democrats dreamed up lately. The EC vote is not close, but, given the large percentage of Republicans who urged a vote against Trump, it’s not impossible they could reverse the result.

Some claim that the swing states that went to Trump all were won by 1%, which they say is a statistical impossibility. I’m not so sure of that, but I am convinced that Republicans have spent more than a decade trying to prevent Democrats from voting. States like North Carolina have a long list of unconstitutional nuevo-James Crow laws designed to cheat on an election. Voters by tens of thousands were unable to vote, and for that reason I am suspicious of all voting in states with Republican governors and legislatures. There should be a complete observed and certified recount in all such states.

Consider Ohio. That state showed us highly suspicious activity in previous elections—including a Republican election official who illegally and prematurely closed the door on the vote counting and sent everyone home, leaving only himself with the ballots. There is too much of this kind of stuff, obviously designed to minimize the Democratic vote, and suspicious enough to be legally investigated.

Then there is the question of electronic vote machines. Quite aside from previous reports of votes that were changed to the opposite party, virtually all such machines are susceptible to hacking and manipulation. In some experiments it took only minutes to hack the machines, and once hacked, all similar machines are at risk. Moreover, there is usually no way to check back to see if the votes agree with each other, because the electronic vote is present in only one place. With machines that can be reviewed they are not. In fact, there is reason to believe that Russian hackers may have compromised the Florida vote count in this go. Trump’s relationship with Putin is questionable enough.

Second, Trump thinks he can run the presidency the way he runs his businesses. He has so far refused to put his businesses into a blind trust, as all other presidents have done. Instead, he plans to let his children manage them, and pretends that he won’t be in touch with them every day to run the businesses as he pleases. Word is that he plans to spend one day a week in his hidey-hole in Manhattan, and that he wants to spend more time playing golf. It sounds to me like he wants to run his businesses as his primary concern and manage the United States of America in his spare time.

Trump has various holdings in other countries. He hasn’t told us which of these he still has his hand in. He sold many condominiums in Russia. In the news this morning was a story of hotels in India which bear his name. The owners or investors are pleased because as president-elect the Trump name promises them more profit. Any such business in which he is part owner would benefit Trump.

Obviously, there’s a huge conflict of interest here that cannot be allowed. It’s as if he planned to be a feudal prince, and own and manage literally everything for his own benefit. It’s not remotely possible for him to delegate responsibility for his investments to his children because they simply cannot avoid his daily influence.

When one thinks about it, it’s nearly impossible to avoid numerous conflicts of interests even with a true blind trust, because as president, all businesses that bear his name would have an unfair advantage. The only ethical solution would be for him to divest of all his businesses. Short of that, divest of all businesses that bear his name and put the rest in blind trust.

But so far Trump has given no indication that he plans to do anything about these enormous conflicts of interest. Given his rather indefensible business practices, it’s quite possible he plans to maintain things just as they are. It seems unlikely to me that the courts system could allow that, and, if so, it’s one more reason to think he will not make it to the White House.

Well, we can hope.


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  1. Pandoras box was opened at the elections, unfortunately though, HOPE got out with everything else when the lid was opened.
    The Electoral College do the right thing? Pigs might fly!


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