Our Fatally Compromised Election

There are so many things wrong with the presidential election we just had that continuation of the process cannot result in a valid government.

The fatal drop of poison is the undeniable evidence that Russia’s electronic hacking created numerous conditions over a long period that favored Donald Trump and punished the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. This interference by a foreign power itself is enough by itself to invalidate the election.

In the last few days as voters were already beginning to vote, a lethal blow was struck by the FBI director’s release of the useless information that additional routine Clinton emails were found. That, of course, was the umpteenth time that Hillary Clinton’s emails were called into question by congressional Republicans. The FBI had extensive reports on Trump and Republican activities that were never made public.

Hackers working at the highest level of the Russian government regularly violated the email system of the Democratic Party and posted confidential messages at Wikileaks. Democratic hackings were gleefully picked up by our media and published. Similar confidential material from the Republican Party was rarely or never published, almost never in the larger media, in spite of the widespread knowledge that Donald Trump’s Russian business involved many millions of dollars and that he had close connections to Vladimir Putin.

So far, recounts of the votes of several states have failed to produce results that would alter results in the Electoral College. However, these recounts too have probably been compromised, as Republican lawyers during the recount process outnumbered recount officials in several places. Among other chicanery, they managed to get many districts eliminated in whole by loudly—literally shouting so that nobody else could work or be heard—exercising arcane rules to declare entire districts’ recounts invalid because of one vote they had challenged, as well as delaying the work of some recount officials for hours while they did their dirty work.

The failure of our news media to appropriately challenge the continuous lies of Donald Trump is a scandal they may not live down for many decades. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of his lies was his constant false reference to “crooked Hillary”, used to build hatred among his nationalist and white supremacist followers. This built on the failed generation-long attempts by the Republican Party to find something—anything—that Clinton might be punished for. But Trump’s Big Lie was never challenged, and apparently large numbers of rabid Trump followers fell for his lie that he would “restore” the jobs that are clearly lost permanently. This latter assertion was proven when Trump meddled in Carrier Corporation business, supposedly saving jobs at great expense, but not really.

To anyone with any perceptive sense at all, Donald Trump is clearly unfit for the office of president. His post-election activities have only reinforced this impression. Blatant egotism, a narcissist personality, gross ignorance of government, and a school-kid attention span, lend a truly bizarre flavor to his activities. Among them is his ignorant refusal to be briefed on items of vital national importance, on the grounds that he is too smart to need them. He expects to run the government part-time, and to run it as a business.

He has only a few requirements for his cabinet and bureaucratic appointments: they must be rich, and they must represent the industries they are supposed to control. Old white males are the gold standard. He considers wealth the only significant mark of ability.

Although it is not news, let alone secret, the decades-long effort of the Republican Party to disenfranchise as many voters as possible must be mentioned. These were targeted at African-Americans, immigrants, Mexican-Americans, Muslims, and anyone else likely to vote Democrat, and involved a significant list of ways to achieve this. This has been adequately documented elsewhere. Some Republicans exclaim with false shock at the accusation, “who, me?”, while a number of others have been recorded expressing glee at having accomplished their immoral and illegal goal.

I have no idea what the next step will be. Possibly the Electoral College will act exactly as Alexander Hamilton designed the College to do, and nullify the election of a despot. If so, a repeat election is probably in order. Although the US has never done this, many other countries commonly do.

This in turn calls into question who should run for office in a new election. Republicans have created the monster that resulted from their long list of incompetent candidates who believe in magic but not science, and now they must deal with the reality of Donald Trump. Nor is Hillary Clinton an absolute shoo-in, in spite of her obvious abilities and her achievement of a significant majority of the popular vote. Many voters, and probably all Republicans, simply cannot imagine a woman as president, and even Democratic voters are unsure in view of her connections to Wall Street and Big Money. If Clinton were president, she would be hard pressed to achieve much because she would face complete Republican stonewalling and stagnation, a continuation of Obama’s experience.

These questions are everywhere, and should consume public and private debate until a new president can be elected or chosen. The only thing certain is that the November presidential election results are invalid.


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  1. It’s time that the whole electorial system, in the USA, was abolished, and replaced with a system that is identical/uniform throughout EVERY state of the US.

    Supposedly all Americans are equal, but when it comes to exercising their right to vote, equality stops!

    The states rights argument is sheer nonsense. What about the PEOPLES rights? Surely they are paramount.


  2. Related to the Russian cyber activity, every time I make a post on my blog and use the word Trump, I get bombarded instantly by dozens and sometimes hundreds of hits from Russia as their bots try to break into my blog.
    That is rather disconcerting. It shows how despots use intimidation. [Of course, no hits accrued from Russia when I used Hillary Clinton’s name.]


  3. I think that it will be necessary for Americans to experience the first few years of a Trump Presidency before they wake up to the need to fix the system.


    • Will Rogers was quoted:
      “The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office”.


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