Congratulations Are Due

The Republican Party has discovered the formula for dismantling democracy in the United States. Their longstanding dream of thwarting the intent of the Founders has become reality.

There are five rules:

  1. When Democrats are in power, do nothing.
  2. Establish obstacles to voting.
  3. Create confusion and false beliefs.
  4. Create new truth by constant repetition of lies.
  5. Deny the reality of factual and scientific evidence.

The Republican Party’s entire stated goal for eight years has been to thwart President Obama. Nothing else. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said outright that his proudest achievement was to prevent anything from being done at all.

There is a concentration of ignorance and stupidity among Republicans that is not easily denied. More than a little of this derives from the weak education and poor critical thinking skills of some of them, and reliance on the Bible for all “truth”. Thus, fundamentalist Republicans are incapable of understanding simple statistics, and cannot reason critically when these deny the “truths” of their faith. Such people deny the truth of climate change because they fail to understand how science works.

Meantime, over decades, states with Republican governors and legislatures have set in play numerous amoral and illegal games to limit voting by those more likely to vote Democrat. These are not unsubstantiated claims, but recorded statements by establishment Republicans. Many of these plans are blatantly unconstitutional. But that doesn’t matter because by the time legal challenges work their ponderous way through the courts they will have already served their purpose and been replaced by newer unconstitutional laws.

Take a law that closes voter registration offices everywhere except the largest cities. Reduced registration because of great inconvenience is what Republicans want, but once offices in less populated areas are closed and their personnel dismissed, it is difficult to reopen them on court order. Mission accomplished.

Then there is always the ever popular gerrymander, which accomplishes its deed by putting most of the Democratic voters in a painfully contorted voting district that defies geographic reality. Since all the Dems are in one district, it’s easy for the state to be Republican regardless of how many Dems there are statewide.

Voting prevention goes far beyond these tricks, however. Voter registration hours become limited to, say, one morning every two weeks during the work week, so that low wage workers will find registration virtually impossible. A multi-state data base is used to remove voters from rolls if there is someone with the same name in another state. This is done late during the election season, so that it becomes impossible for a voter to challenge her removal before the election.

In spite of blatant disregard for the welfare of the nation’s people, Republicans falsely claimed that President Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was ineffective and would bankrupt the nation. Nearly 30-million Americans signed up, many gaining health insurance for the first time in their lives. Republican governors who refused to participate caused many thousands of deaths from untreated conditions. House Republicans voted some 60 times to repeal the act.

The spreading of false information became a cottage industry among Republicans. Once Donald Trump had become the last man standing among the army of fools running for the Republican presidential nomination, he took over and the entire effort shifted into overdrive.

Denial of plain reality has become a Republican hallmark. They dare not accept the fact that the universe is some 18.8 billions of years old, that humans are on course to make the planet uninhabitable, that we are not a Christian nation, and many other undeniable realities. Independent scientific reality or reality in any other form simply does not matter if it’s not what they believe.

The Republican effort often centered around the creation of confusion about various facts, and the purposeful creation of Trump voters’ false belief that they understood. Trump told his followers endless lies that shifted by the hour. Yet his true believers simply did not listen to what he claimed, only to his racist and misogynist anger and extravagant unworkable promises. This even gave rise to a new dictionary term: post-truth, meaning an era when truth became irrelevant.

Thus the decades-long effort to criminalize Hillary Clinton did not require actual evidence of criminal behavior, of which there was none whatsoever. All it took was Trump routinely referring to her as “criminal Hillary”.

Nor did they examine any of his false claims that they would all become affluent because of the wonderful things he would do as president. As the inauguration approaches and Republicans in Congress lay the groundwork for eliminating health insurance for 30-million people, their number one goal, buyer’s remorse is only beginning to occur to Trump voters.

Democrats, for their part, underestimated the degree and intensity of resentment by people who felt they had been bypassed by the affluence that everyone else enjoyed, regardless of whether they had taken steps to become educated and develop marketable skills. Most of these were angry ill-educated whites who believed their skin color alone made them superior to all other races and cultures. Thus Trump earned the endorsement of every KKK chapter and every neo-nazi and white hate group in the country.

Further effort by the Republican establishment became unnecessary after the primaries because Trump took on his own shoulders the entire effort, and spewed an endless stream of grand falsehoods so rapidly they were virtually impossible to keep up with. The mainstream press gave him billions of dollars worth of free coverage and virtually no negative press, while correction of falsehoods fell largely to the small independent internet press.

Trump is the master of the exorbitant lies that are well beyond any possibility of becoming reality. His huge wall, the length of the border with Mexico and paid for by Mexico, to prevent the illegal immigration of the many millions of criminal and rapist Mexicans he claimed, is only the most recognizable false claim. During the election itself he claimed—without the first shred of evidence—that millions of illegal voters had voted for Hillary. There are hundreds more such lies, and they haven’t stopped.

But the game has only begun.

Congratulations are due. Republicans have discovered the formula for bringing to a close the Grand Experiment in democracy. Whether means can be found to restore it remains to be seen. It is apparent, however, that the entire political seascape has been altered to one that is dangerously unstable.


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  1. Well said as always – passing on to some friends – keep up the good work


    Liked by 1 person

    • Les photos de ton soft automne offrent une belle récréation à mes yeux lassés de la grisaille et des pluies répétées sur ma coti©Ãre.Mercn, Nathalie 🙂


  2. Perhaps with any luck; trumps Presidency may well prove to be the death knell of the Republican Party;
    The blind fools that voted him into power, may soon come to regret it, and wake up that true equality does not appear in the GOP lexicon, only greed!

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  3. I agree. What can we do? Is education and open minds enough to overcome the ignorance and stupidity of the people who voted Con Trump into office? How do we defeat the party of Ignorance and Obstruction? I intend to resist their movement the best I can, and I sense many others will too.


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