Prez 2.0

It becomes more apparent with every passing day that our president is mentally unbalanced, and incapable of fulfilling the duties of leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

He is incapable of accepting reality, and daily insists that his fabrications are the truth. Although he says he has independent evidence that no one else has, he never presents it because it does not exist.

He is obsessed with petty obsessions, to the detriment of the nation. For example, he insists that he won the popular vote, although the clear evidence says he lost by nearly three million votes. He says he has objective evidence that this is not so, but he does not and cannot present this evidence. He says that the crowd for his inauguration was of record size, although continuous photographic evidence comparing crowd sizes from the recent two inaugurations clearly shows that at no point was the crowd even close to the crowd for President Obama’s inauguration. The worldwide Women’s March in opposition to him, held the following day was at least three times larger that the inauguration crowd in the US alone, but he insists it was not.

During the campaign he hid his tax returns, saying he would release them when he was no longer under audit. Audit does not prevent anyone from such a release. Later he gave other excuses, one being that he would release them when he was elected. Now that he is president he says he won’t release them at all.

Clearly, there is something in these tax statements that is compromising to our national interests or outright illegal. With his ongoing influence over his own investments, an undisclosed amount emanating from Russia, our national independence may be compromised. It is worth noting that his signed document saying he resigns from the many businesses he headed is meaningless, since his own family, with whom he is in regular contact, continues to control it all.

His obsession with Twitter has been shocking. Virtually every day in the early hours he published petty tweets about people with whom he became upset. The tweets were all either outright lies or defied reality in some other way, and became a national embarrassment.

This man does not understand that his imagination is not reality, that the way the world is cannot be invented or decreed. Virtually every day he says something that denies objective reality. Even his inner circle is finding this mental fantasy impossible to defend. They are forced to parrot what he says, even defending it as “alternate reality”, which of course is nothing more than falsehood or outright lies. His press secretary was trapped in this way, and clearly embarrassed or infuriated by what he was compelled to say. Later he insisted he had a right to “disagree with facts”. (!)

To their great shame, the reporters of the mainstream media failed to tell the public what they knew during the endless campaign, that this man was unbalanced, leaving the public with the impression that his endlessly changeable and self-contradictory statements somehow passed the giggle test, although they were so far from reality that no thinking person could possibly accept them at face value. They were, in fact, an endlessly long stream of lies.

In recent days it has become more apparent as he perseverates about crowd size at his inauguration or some other event, to the detriment of affairs of state.

Unfortunately, he has surrounded himself with people who, although they may be better at accepting reality in the larger sense, clearly fail in other ways, insisting, for example, that the Bible has all the answers for how to conduct a modern state of 340-million people.

In some ways the president fits right in with the unspoken overall goal of Republicans in recent years: to guide the maximum amount of wealth to the already wealthy, while punishing everyone else, with particular emphasis on dark-skinned people, poor people, immigrants, and followers of several religions.

Within days, the president and fellow Republicans began to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which independent research shows will result in the additional deaths of 44-thousand people annually. At the same time he signed hundreds of statements to dismantle eight years of progress in protecting the people and environment under the previous administration, and to move government into dark secrecy. Although these steps may reflect Republican dogma, they are clearly detrimental to public wellbeing.

There are far too many Republicans who are also unable to understand that reality is independent of their beliefs, and the remainder have lacked the intestinal fortitude to challenge them because among their own constituents include many people equally undereducated and lacking critical thinking skills. Somehow, the Republicans who are capable of understanding what has been wrought must seize the reins and begin the process of removing a president who is mentally incapable of performing his duties.


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  1. “A puppet dancing for coins” is the best description I’ve heard thus far for Trump’s shamelessness. Cronyism will reach newer and greater heights.
    Meanwhile, “Joe Six-pack” delights in his antics (thinking that Trump is ‘showing them there liberals’ a thing or two). It reminds me of the days of the Civil War when the foot soldiers on both sides died thinking they were fighting for worthy ideals (note that there was more involved than issue of human bondage in the form of black slavery).


  2. He is the most dangerous man ever to hold any office, of any nation

    .He does not have the ability to think or to see further than his own narrow mind, which is obsessed with one thing. Donald Trump.

    The United States is no longer the most powerful nation in the world. It’s the most dangerous!


  3. Clearly unhinged, but it is all in the plan, get him elected with election fraud, have him sign all the really bad executive orders and any give more money to the rich, then depose him, why do you think they put Pence in? Pence is a right wing crank that could not get elected dog catcher in his home state, but is a stooge for the ruling billionaire class.

    Removal in the form of a Place Coup (? correct word?) just like in a third rate banana Republican country – one day the king will just disappear and Pence and the rest will keep the country going down the same path and the stooges that voted for him will be none the wiser

    So Sad, bunch of losers

    PS – well said as usual – forwarding a link to some friends – keep up the good work


  4. He is mentally sane and everything he does is carefully planned. The weakest people in the American society are used by him as scapegoats. They are persecuted and vilified. They are smeared on a regular basis to distract citizens.
    Blind nationalism and racism were the hallmarks of Nazi Germany. They are now reverberating in America with a force that shocks the core of our democratic principles. His lies are more powerful than anything else.
    His tax returns are still hidden. He gets away with everything… and he knows what he is doing. He built his campaign upon fallacies and he is still using and creating more fallacies to distract people and to boost his personal business.


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