The Long Road Back

As I write this, political discourse has sunk to the lowest it has ever been. Donald Trump’s newest appointee, Anthony Scaramucci, sounds like a half-literate high school troublemaker mouthing off in the boy’s locker room. This is only a continuation of Trump’s ranting and bad language. Trump himself honors no decorum, and violates our sense of decency day after day. Worse, angry Trumpsters stomp about town carrying guns, swearing at people, threatening or committing violence against people they don’t know but have decided to hate. And the impersonal internet amplifies the lack of humanitarian impulse, allowing people to use inexcusable language where they should exercise only kindness.

That’s not to say that harsh language has no place, but there is no reason it should become the new norm, the coin of ordinary discourse. If we speak entirely in profanities, harsh words lose their power. Perhaps worse, constant use of vile language tends to anger people, making it difficult to act rationally with someone who we don’t know well, and don’t count as a friend.

Democrats must resist this new norm of hateful language. In fact Democrats must adopt a stance of accepting and listening to every person, whether or not we like them. This should be a central tenet of the Democratic Party. It should be central to everything we all do. Counting every person as deserving of normal respect is what will make us a real democracy, and it’s nearly the opposite of what is happening now.

Our beloved country is very near the nadir in many ways. When the Trump era passes it will be a long, long road back to decency, to rationality, to respect. Regardless of whether the next president is a Democrat, Democrats must not succumb to the degeneracy of today’s political world and its foul language. It is imperative that our politicians restore a sense of common decency in language and action. It is even more important that the rest of us do the same.

Maybe the most important thing is for Democrats to address the real concerns of people who voted for Trump, and who are angry about things Democrats have failed to understand.

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  1. Well spoken! Reminds me of a quote by Buckminister Fuller:
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


  2. And as far away as down here in Australia the effect is felt. I wrote a little and within a day it is almost irrelevant.
    But I have a post coming out soon that will focus on the fact that when someone has something important to say, but they lace it with foul language, they are effectively limiting their audience. And in limiting their audience in this way they are indicating an arrogance and lack of concern for people who object to their language.


    • Well said. I think you are absolutely right. Some people will be turned off by the language and miss the message entirely.


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