Women, Power Up

I have heard that the Women’s March of “45” + 1 (the day after Trump’s inauguration) was the largest demonstration in history. I don’t know about that, because there have been many marches and demonstrations around the world that made the streets look like a bee swarm. But what I do know is that women, particularly in the West, have enormous power, and that power must not be lost.

Almost all of the violence, wars, and mistreatment of others throughout history has been the fault of men. This is largely because women, because they are generally smaller and weaker, have been judged inferior by men, and relegated to the kitchen and the business of child rearing, often by force. But women have some of the most important character features needed in the world today, particularly patience and compassion.

There have been hundreds of laws proposed by Republicans in recent years to control and limit women, but not a single one that limits the social atrocities or sexual activities of men. The statements by old white Republicans in this regard are astonishing. Old white Republican men can’t seem to leave the female reproductive organs alone.

By now it should be very clear that it is not the case that women are fit only for the kitchen and child rearing. Women have been leaders in every field of endeavor. Women of all colors and cultures have been heads of state, leading scientists and mathematicians, have been CEOs of international corporations, prominent academics and presidents of universities, noted ambassadors and senators, pilots, welders, car mechanics, astronauts, and so on and on. Women are not inherently unfit for anything one can imagine.

Judging women as fit only for the kitchen has been the policy of the Republican Party and more, and in the face of the evidence it is an insult that cannot continue. That is not to say that the kitchen and child development are unworthy occupations. Indeed, both are vastly important, and women appear to be generally better at managing the lives of children for the same reason they should be prominently featured in public life: compassion, self-control, and endurance.

It is encouraging that in recent weeks women have seized the opportunity to organize for the purpose of resisting 45 and his dangerous acolytes. Republicans have embraced a world-plan that is bad for virtually everybody but the top 1% in income.

The Republican plan is built around these things: (1) enrichment of the rich at the expense of the rest of us, especially the poor; (2) punishment of everyone who is not a white Christian; (3) destruction of every law and regulation that protects the lives, education, and wellbeing of us all, as well as the natural world; (4) morbid denial of reality, including denial of the advancing climate change, belief in magic as found in ancient books like the Bible, denial of the reality of the physical world, including how the universe functions, the true age of things, the reality of evolution, and much more; (5) failure to understand that the Age of Carbon is over, and it is necessary to advance to a new reality and leave behind our dependency on oil and coal.

This is virtually, and maybe literally, insane. The purpose of the government of the United States of America is not to destroy the lives and futures of the people and to deny realities that cannot be denied. It is not to support the greed of the rich at the expense of the poor. It is not to lead us into war. It is to support and protect the people and the planet, nothing less.

When one sees pictures of Republicans in the seat of power one sees almost entirely the faces of old white men. Men who don’t give a damn about our lives or about any future of the country that doesn’t make them very wealthy—at the expense of the very environment we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink. And at the expense of everyone who is not they. They want to control us all.

Only the power of women, many millions of women, can turn this tide in the direction of improving the lives of all. “45” can deny the sheer power of the Women’s March all he wants. The fact is that it was an awesome demonstration of the power of organized women. It was quickly followed by the hundreds of town hall meetings featuring women that frightened Republican representatives so badly that almost all of them fled when they were unable to answer simple questions—because they had no reasonable answers. They are correct in their fears, and they know they are doomed. When the next election rolls around, it is the women who will determine the outcome. If they continue to organize and be active, they won’t allow the same mistakes to be made—including allowing the 46% of lazy citizens who couldn’t be bothered to vote, thereby electing an unqualified white man with a three minute attention span.

Women, especially you young women, take a look at what men, especially Republican men, say about women. About all women. Consider what the uneducated voters for 45 have to say about women. These people are dangerous, not only for democracy, but for you and me. Many of you need to run for office. It is your responsibility to become involved however you can, for the rest of your life. We need you. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the survival of civilization depends on you.